Landscape Sessions

A series of small paintings, paintings made mainly for outdoor work from observation. Currently there are 106 paintings in the […]

Net Paintings

Serie of paintings made of net-like patterns on top of each other. Color of the patterns changes gradually.

Symphony Landscape

Installation for Ainola vitrine in Järvenpää, Finland, 2.5-30.9.2018. Materials plaster, pigment, metal, acrylic color, postcards. Size 245x400x50cm Work description of […]

Painting Trip

Installation made of paintings and sculptures at Mökki Galleria, Kaarina, Finland during spring 2018.

Views from the Cave

Painting-installation in Gallery Vanha Savu, Merikarvia, summer 2017, Gouache,paper

Breda 1-100

2011-2013, A serie of paintings and computer-made works which are based different ways to Diego Velázquez painting “Surrender of Breda […]


2008-1997, mixed media, Kerava Art Museum collection

Two Systems

Acrylic wall painting to a private home in Espoo, Finland, 2007. Half of the colors of the painting were decided […]

Wallpainters Wall

Acrylic on kapaplast plates, 300x1180cm, 2005, Pori art Museum Collection

Cardboard Sculptures

Serie of sculptures made of cardboard pieces. First work of the serie is from 1994


A cardboard installation for “Fiber”-exhibition in Fiskars, Finland, 1997, side 3x7x3m


Temporary Installation at the foyer of the Opera House, Helsinki, 1997, mixed media. “Work” was part of the exhibition Sculptors […]

National Costume Corridors, 1996

A project of 19 wall paintings in stairways in Laajasalo suburb, Helsinki. Each painting begins from ground floor and continues […]


A brick sculpture, Ruoholahti area, Helsinki 1995