Landscape Sessions

A series of small paintings, paintings made mainly for outdoor work from observation. Currently there are 106 paintings in the series. Most of the topics are from the Helsinki region.
Pienikokoisten maalausten sarja, maalaukset tehty pääosin ulkona työskennellen havainnosta. Tällä

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Symphony Landscape

Installation for Ainola vitrine in Järvenpää, Finland, 2.5-30.9.2018. Materials plaster, pigment, metal, acrylic color, postcards. Size 245x400x50cm

Work description of installation (In Finnish only):


Ainolan vitriinitilateoksen aiheena ovat kuvataiteilija Miika Nyyssösen vaikutelmat Sibeliuksen musiikista. Hän kuunteli säveltäjän kaikki

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Breda 1-100

2011-2013, A serie of paintings and computer-made works which are based different ways to Diego Velázquez painting “Surrender of Breda “(1634-35).

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Two Systems

Acrylic wall painting to a private home in Espoo, Finland, 2007. Half of the colors of the painting were decided by a computer program, the other half by the artist. Size of the painted area is 1x2m

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Temporary Installation at the foyer of the Opera House, Helsinki, 1997, mixed media. “Work” was part of the exhibition Sculptors at Opera, organized by The Association of Finnish Sculptors

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National Costume Corridors, 1996

A project of 19 wall paintings in stairways in Laajasalo suburb, Helsinki. Each painting begins from ground floor and continues up to the sixth floor. The colour combinations derive from old Finnish national costumes. As soon as the viewer recognizes

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