Net Paintings

Serie of paintings made of net-like patterns on top of each other. Color of the patterns changes gradually.

Symphony Landscape

Installation for Ainola vitrine in Järvenpää, Finland, 2.5-30.9.2018. Materials plaster, pigment, metal, acrylic color, postcards. Size 245x400x50cm Work description of […]

Painting Trip

Installation made of paintings and sculptures at Mökki Galleria, Kaarina, Finland during spring 2018.

Views from the Cave

Painting-installation in Gallery Vanha Savu, Merikarvia, summer 2017, Gouache,paper

Breda 1-100

2011-2013, A serie of paintings and computer-made works which are based different ways to Diego Velázquez painting “Surrender of Breda […]


2008-1997, mixed media, Kerava Art Museum collection

Two Systems

Acrylic wall painting to a private home in Espoo, Finland, 2007. Half of the colors of the painting were decided […]

Wallpainters Wall

Acrylic on kapaplast plates, 300x1180cm, 2005, Pori art Museum Collection

Cardboard Sculptures

Serie of sculptures made of cardboard pieces. First work of the serie is from 1994


Temporary Installation at the foyer of the Opera House, Helsinki, 1997, mixed media. “Work” was part of the exhibition Sculptors […]

National Costume Corridors, 1996

A project of 19 wall paintings in stairways in Laajasalo suburb, Helsinki. Each painting begins from ground floor and continues […]


A brick sculpture, Ruoholahti area, Helsinki 1995