I am inspired by  spatiality in painting and how to build it or not. Impulses like personal handprint and  painting gestures are  my tools, also when sculpting. Style of gestures varies according the subject from unpersonal flat fields to organic meanderings : repeats, manias, automation and very slow or fast way to work are also my material, likewise  working after observation from landscape or other kind of model. My primary interest is visuality , I am not a literal story-teller. Material qualities of artwork, like pigments or surface structures are important for me as are choices of dimensions, color relations, tension and interlacement of areas in picture or sculpture.


Miika Nyyssönen is a visual artist living in Helsinki, Finland. He was born in 1965 in Mikkeli, Finland. He graduated 1992 from Helsinki Academy of Fine Arts and since then he had worked as an artist making sculptures, paintings, installations and computer-based arts. Nyyssönen’s works has been shown widely in Finland and also several times in other countries like Germany, Russia and USA. His works belong to museum and private collections in Finland.